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Rp. 1,600,000
1 Unit

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The X-Go Gecko is a unique camouflage tripod, which makes it a necessity for all wildlife, outdoor and adventure photography. It's new bronze anodized legs and center column, with its matte green or black locks and spyder blend into most any outdoor terrain thereby making it almost invisible to see. It comes complete with an FPH-42Q aluminum dual action ball head. This 5-section aluminum tripod is sturdy and durable and can hold up to 17.6lbs while only weighing 2.65lbs. The maximum height is 57" but it can still fold down compactly to around 12.5". The 42Q dual action ball head features 2 bubble levels with ergonomic locking knobs while also sporting a panoramic scale. It comes complete with a standard 1/4 20 QR camera plate. Hidden spiked feet and center column weight hook allow for secure footing and handling on any terrain and in any weather conditions. The silicon rubber leg handle provides protection for your hands in extremely frigid or hot conditions. This leg unfastens to become the bottom half of a full monopod. The legs also fold back 180 degrees onto the center column for a very compact carry mode. It is easy to clean the legs of any salt water, sand or dust which will extend the life of the tripod. This tripod is perfect for using binoculars outdoors as well as handling spotting scopes and heavy duty action cameras
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