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Rp. 13,000,000
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s/d 31 Dec 2019
1 Unit
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Sinfonia Technology (also known as Shinko) is one of the leading manufacturers of dye-sublimation photo printers in the world. They make high speed and high quality photo printers for the professional printing field. The Shinko Color Stream CS2 (model no. CHC-S6145) is the world's smallest and lightest photo printer, while still maintaining excellent print quality, durability, and fast print speed! The compact design enables you to use this printer for your photobooth, ID system, mini kiosk, event / photo, amusement and theme park photo, etc. The printer will produce cut a 4x6 into two 2x6 strips, perfect for photo booth applications. High Speed The Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 printer will produce a 4x6 print in under 11 seconds. Compact Footprint Designed for portability, the Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 is compact and lightweight. Measuring 11 inches by 13 by 7 inches, the CS2 weighs in at only 22 lbs. Perfect for mobile events or photo booths. Superior Image Quality The print quality is excellent without smear by utilizing an unique thermal control technology. High quality matte finish is also available. Light weight and most compact World lightest weight less than 10kg and most compact size design are achieved. Speedy and Reliable More Stable, Reliable and speedy prints are realized. High Mobility Easy to carry. Can use it anywhere and anyway. More Ecological Maximum AMP draw is 3.1A. Low waste, and jam free. More Affordable Enough capacity for daily use. Save your money and workload.
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