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Rp. 200,000
1 Unit
Mau tanya seputar produk GODOX AC SLAVE FLASH A45S , harga, promo dan stok?
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FEATURES - It is ideal luminous sources for indoor photography - features big flash indexes, high sensitivity, and quick charge and not disturbed by illuminating lamps, and can be used as key lights, filling lights, edge lights, top lights and footlights - This series of electrical flash lamps have high luminous efficiency, bid indexes, and long life span - These lamps can work safely, stably and reliably even if the voltage of the transmission-line system of electric power waves - The built-in slave trigger will fire the flash when another flash fires - The lamp also has advanced flash remote sensing devices; therefore, they are able to receive impulse flash at a long distance so as to automatically flash synchronously with signals - They are also featured in ideal color temperature and big irradiation angel and will play better effects if used with soft diffuser umbrellas and reflectors umbrella SPECIFICATION - Model: A45S - Flash Output Power(WS): 20 - Flash Lamp index GN (ISO-100): 13 - Power supply: AC 110V/60Hz - Recycle Time: 1-2s - Optical control distance: 15m - Color temperature: 5600 (+/-200K) - Connecting line: E27 Screw thread lamp holder - Flash Duration: 1/2000 - 1/800s - Control: Triggered by Impulse Flash Signals - The green indicator shows the flash lamp is charging, and the red indicator shows the flash lamp is working
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