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Rp. 700,000
1 Unit

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FEATURES : I-TTL Flashing System Automatic output power according to the pre-flash and camera light evaluation system Zoom Function The flash coverage can be set to match the lens focal length from 18mm to 180mm. the flash coverage can be set automatically or manually. Also, with the built-in wide panel, the flash coverage can be expanded for 14mm wide-angle lenses. Super Fast Recharging Cycle: It only takes as little as 3 seconds to recharge after full power flash The Improved Wireless Triggering Sensor: With S1 and S2 modes that can also be used outdoors, with a wireless triggering farther distance. Power Saving Mode Reduces unnecessary power loss, save more power. The speedlite will automatically enters sleep mode if there is no any operation in 30 seconds. Press PILOT key to wake up. Repeating Flash An advance CLS ( Creative Lighting System ) technique allows you to use speedlites as stroboscopic lights, capturing the movements of an object in one picture. Power socket and PC port High Precision Manual Adjustment 8 power levels, each level has 3 fine tuning adjustment. SPECIFICATIONS : Circuit design : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor ( IGBT ) Guide Number : 42 meters ( ISO 100, 180 mm ) Flash Mode : I-TTL/Manual/ Multi/ Front-curtain sync/ S1/ S2 Power Zoom function : covered focal length range from 18 to 180mm Wireless triggering distance : 20 ~ 30m indoor, 10 ~ 15m outdoor Vertical Rotation Angle : 0 ~ 90 degrees Horizontal Rotation Angle : 0 ~ 270 degrees Power Supply : 4 x AA Lighting Times : 100 ~ 1500 times ( AA ) Recycle Times : approx 3 sec. ( AA ) Color Temperature : 5600k Flash Time : 1/500s ~ 1/20000s Flash Control : 8 levels of output control ( 1/128 ~ 1/1 ) Additional Features : sound indicator, power saving mode, over heat protection
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