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The METTLE MV-50 model is a multifunctional and high intensity LED lamp with practical accessories that can be powered by batteries or AC power. Low weight and compact dimensions make the lamp very suitable for cellular use in the photo and video area. Technically, the MV-50 can be convincing. Color temperature is 5500 ° K (daytime). At 100%, the dimmer adjusts the illumination to 1100 lux at a distance of 1m. The color rendering index (CRI value) is very good RA> 95. The LED light can be mounted directly to the included Studio stand with 1/4 "thread. The maximum working height is around 170 cm. If you need more flexibility in the orientation of the light source, can rely on the ball head provided. Or, set it too This is very useful when viewing will be directly illuminated by the photo or video assistant. For better lighting control, light accessories are mounted on the front of the LED lights. To make a bright spot, place attachments included in the set can be attached. Thus, the illumination angle can be changed from 60 ° to 25 °. The power supply is included in the scope of supply. As an alternative, this equipment can be operated with two SONY Li-Ion compatible NP-series batteries. The full set will fit in a practical METTLE transportation bag. Dimensions: around 54x26x13 cm
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