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Rp. 10,900,000
1 Unit

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The Aputure LS C120D II is a complete re-design of the original C120D, 30% brighter. The 120d Mark II now draws 140w of power (20w more than the original 120d) but the big increase in output, from what was already a punchy fixture, is great news. Also a major refinement is the ability to now make <10% fine adjustments to the dimmer. Talking of which, Aputure have now integrated the controller and ballast in to one unit, making a much neater setup. The new unified controller also features Neutirx locking ports for the included 6m, colour-coded, cables as well as the V-lock battery mount on the back and integrated wireless control. Finally, in response to user and rental houses requirements, the general sturdiness of the yoke on the 120d Mark II has been improved, meaning the mount and threads will stand up to heavier use, and the lock has been changed for a handbrake style lever, giving more rigidity. The new yoke can also now be underslung, giving users more options for locating and mounting the fixture. - 30,000 lux @ 0.5m and incredible 135,000 lux @ 0.5m with Aputure Fresnel mount - Supports DMX Lighting Function, Take your filmmaking to a whole new level - 5500k colour temp matches the sun and blend seamlessly as white light for natural look - Inbuilt electrical fan runs amazingly quiet at only 18dB - Popular industry Bowen-S mount for fast mount wide range of accessories - Tough lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body for easy carry-around (2.2KG) - Wireless remote brightness adjusts @ max. 100m away with 2.4G FSK technology - Separated light control design creates well-balanced center of gravity, eliminates use - Efficient handgrip design allows one-hand operation while adjusting light direction - New 0%-100% stepless brightness / dim control allows greater control and sensitivity - Re-designed power adapter now inbuilt with controller, less connections, less hassles - Re-designed NEUTRIK connector for better and safer connectivity - Re-designed U-Frame construction allow 330 degrees rotation for full mounting flexibility - 6 meters power cable length for larger and wider production light setup
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