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Rp. 3,620,000
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s/d 31 Jul 2019
1 Unit
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The Ricoh WG-40w is a coldproof, waterproof, and shockproof compact camera designed for active outdoor and underwater use. In addition to its rugged design, it also features build-in Wi-Fi connectivity that can be used with a dedicated smartphone app. The WG-40w Wi-Fi functions include remote shutter release, review of recorded images, and setting of multiple shooting functions. The user can also browse and download recorded images onto a smartphone, then upload them to share with family and friends. The WG-40 is the same but without Wi-Fi. The new compacts are based on last year's Ricoh WG-30 and WG-30w, respectively. These were in turn based on the Pentax Optio WG-2, originally launched in 2012. Compared to the WG-30 line, the WG-40 has received software tweaks which has added three new shooting modes: Mermaid, Mermaid movie, and Flash Off+On (captures two images consecutively, one with out flash and one with flash). The new models are available in new colors (black and yellow for the WG-40, blue and blue for the WG-40w). The WG-40 series is now rated for depths up to 14m (up from 12m) and drops from up to 1.6m (up from 1.5m), though this lags behind the more rugged Pentax WG-3 / Ricoh WG-4 / Ricoh WG-5 as well as many competing cameras.
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