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Free Battery DMW BLH7E
s/d 31 Jul 2020
1 Unit

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We can enjoy "selfie" just as wanted more We can enjoy selfie of scenery & person in wide-angle lens. The "4K selfie" that evolved deployment. It is equipped with "wide-angle lens 4K selfie" that we make use of angle of view of lens in "4K selfie" to the full, and selfie is possible newly. It is most suitable at the time of time when we let scenery and want to make selfie and selfie shooting in a great number of people. ※At the time of 4K consecutive copying (wide-angle lens) choice. Consecutive copying speed becomes second interval 15 top consecutive copying. We suppress blurring, and night view is equipped with shooting "night view & selfie mode" newly vividly brightly, too It is equipped with "night view & selfie mode" suitable for selfie that we did backed by night view newly. We only press shutter once and at first photograph night view of background by high-speed consecutive copying. We photograph person by flash brightly and compose night view and image of person afterwards in the Cameras inside. We can leave one piece that both night view and oneself did brightly against a backdrop of bright night view that we actually looked at while suppressing blurring. We realize high-resolution shooting only by one eye The low-pass filterless 16M Live metal oxide semiconductor sensor & Venus engine deployment Sensor senses light more directly by removing optics low-pass filter. Resolution is high and describes. In addition, it is equipped with Venus engine holding moire and false color in check by reduction processing effectively. We suppress noise while maintaining a feeling of definition, feel of a material by "multi-processing NR". Color correction system is high and reappears until nuance of delicate gradation faithfully. We do not miss shooting chance. We realize high-speed AF of 0.07 seconds by the space perception AF deployment It is equipped with "space perception AF" by contrast AF having high Panasonic company's original space perception technology (DFD technology) and precision. We can enjoy comfortable photography without AF focusing speed being high speed of 0.07 seconds, and missing shutter chance of instant. ※CIPA standard. At the time of AFS, use of H-FS14140. Operability that is high in compact Body Touch panel monitor of high-definition approximately 1,040,000 dots 3.0 type that 180 degrees pulse tilt is possible Simple touch operation was possible and coped with comfortable, various shooting-style including low angle shooting and selfie that we let you tilt monitor. As even the left hand only tilts double shutter monitor to be able to push by the most suitable right hand at the time of selfie, and Fn3 (focus select) button functions as shutter button, we can push shutter button with the right hand even if we turn Cameras to oneself. When we embrace narrow place and child, we can push shutter button with hand of that it is easy to push and do not choose shooting-style. "Selfie shutter" which can start shooting without pushing shutter button When "Face shutter" shows face again after covering face with hands, we start shutter action. When two faces which we detected approach within constant distance, "friendly shutter" starts shutter action. 22 kinds of creative control We add effect to shooting image and can photograph impressive photograph, video to subject and image. We can photograph happily while widening width of shooting in thing choosing among 22 kinds (at the time of video shooting 17 kinds) in total more. As we can regulate strength and hue of effect, photography of oneself preference is possible. Leopold Monod chrome of feel of a material that is full of gradation It carries "Leopold Monod chrome" in pursuit of feel of a material expression. Gradation is to express wealthily and realizes impressive monochrome photography which we photographed in film camera. We adopt grip piece which is easy to last at the time of selfie newly It is put "slim mode" on person mode "fair skin effect" newly "Background control" (clearly) to copy into panoramic photograph "selfie panorama" which included oneself & scenery neatly "4K photo mode" which catches moment of truth with high-speed consecutive copy of second interval 30 top "Focus select & focus composition" to be able to choose photograph of favorite focus point after the shooting "FHD/60p video" which is smooth high-definition "4K/30p video" "Wi-F- correspondence" that we can connect to smartphone without password "Kids mode" which we arrest child to move about properly and can photograph "Shooting setting reset button" which returns shooting setting that we have changed to state of initial setting It supports "USB charge" that we can charge from both outlet and PC
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