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Rp. 12,999,000
1 Unit

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Capture all the cinematic beauty and drama of your nearest and dearest The power of cinema can now be held in the palm of your hand with the Panasonic VX985. Containing a high-sensitivity BSI sensor, the VX985 captures clean and clear footage even in dark, atmospheric conditions, rendering your memories and adventures in beautiful 4K videos. Your loved ones deserve the best, so make sure you present their life in the most beautiful way possible. For you to aim at your subjects is an excellent Leica Dicomar lens, which performs beautifully, free from distortions and flaring. A 5-axis hybrid OIS and level shot function pair up to ensure that all of your footage is steady, smooth and even. This is as high a level of finish that you will find in a camera of this class and you will really appreciate this finesse upon playback. Although it fits comfortably in your hand for long days of filming and sightseeing, the Panasonic VX985 is jam packed with extra functions that help shape and colour your home movies. Slow and quick motion video is available and you can edit both together to re-create professional effects, dolly zoom aids in mimicking one of the most-loved techniques in cinema, while slow zoom adds drama to your already heartfelt films. 4K photo is an added bonus that sees the still side of things is not neglected. WiFi connectivity allows for sharing and remote capture as has become expected, but importantly the VX985 can use this connection to link to up to three smartphones simultaneously,so you can record the action unfolding from these different viewpoints and present them in subwindows (maximum of 2 windows). All of these extra functions will find your creativity constantly blossoming - you will always find a fresh new way to remember these moments that you hold so dear.
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