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With a flip-out 2.5" touchscreen display, the Moza MOIN Camera adds something that no predecessor pocket-size gimbal camera has ever had. On this relatively large LCD, you can frame and monitor your shots whether capturing vlog videos, landscapes, or virtually anything else. Set the camera head to face you or turn it toward your subject, and view the shot on the touchscreen either way. Also use it to adjust gimbal and camera settings, all by touch. The Moza MOIN camera provides an all-in-one video, photo, and audio solution in a truly travel-size design. Capture up to UHD 4K60 video and 12MP photos, and store everything to up to a 256GB microSD card, sold separately. Built-in 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilization with Moza's Deep Red anti-shake motor control algorithm will continuously compensate for camera shake and ensure that your footage comes out smooth and professional-looking. The 120° FOV lens captures an immersive view suitable for single subjects, group shots, or vast landscapes. A built-in stereo microphone is designed with intelligent noise reduction and optimized for improved pickup performance and uncolored sound. For nighttime photography, Night Mode will let you set up to 60 seconds of exposure time, allowing you to shoot vibrant photos in low light. There's also a Magic Mode that lets you choose from built-in themed templates to capture your videos in. Magic Mode also provides you with on-screen directions, such as moving the camera a certain way, which allows you to easily achieve the creative aspect of the template. Other features that provide for a comprehensive capture solution include face tracking, time-lapse capture, and up to 8x slow-motion recording. The MOIN camera runs up to 145 minutes (when recording 1080p resolution) and is rechargeable in approximately 90 minutes using an included cable and an optional USB wall charger. Besides the standard way of offloading your captured media over a cable connection, the Moza MOIN also has an Intelligent Silent Transfer feature. This function provides an efficient way of sending your photos and videos to the companion Moza Artist app on your iOS or Android smartphone over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Motorized Gimbal Rotation 280° pan (-230 to 50°), 145° tilt (-95° to 50°), and 90° roll (+/-45°) rotation Gimbal Rotation Speed 120°/s (max) Angular Vibration Range ±0.005° Touchscreen LCD Adjustment 0 to 120° tilt adjustment Face Tracking With Face Tracking turned on, the camera will automatically follow the face being tracked and keep it in the center of the frame as it moves about Fast Continuous Shooting In continuous shooting mode, nine photos can be captured continuously with just one click of the shutter button Panorama Use this mostly automated mode to easily capture wide panoramic shots Time-Lapse Shoot 1 to 5-minute time-lapse sessions in up to 4K resolution Moza Artist App When you're done filming, transfer the video clips to your smartphone via Intelligent Silent Transfer or the import function, and use the Moza Artist app to apply basic creative edits to your videos—add filters, effects, music, and more (the app is downloadable for free for iOS 11.0 and higher or Android 6.0 and higher) Photography Modes Single Shot, Panorama, Staticlapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse Video Recording Modes Record, Slow-Motion, Moza color
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