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Free Gopro Max Rechargeable Battery (Selama Persediaan Ada)
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The GoPro MAX combines the hi-res, super-smooth capture of a HERO camera with the awe-inspiring magic of spherical video. Use HERO mode to capture content in traditional, hi-res format or shoot the world around you in immersive 360º. Six onboard mics captures every sound, upping the immersion and helping to deliver the best audio quality GoPro has ever produced. When shooting spherical, the MAX uses HyperSmooth technology gives your footage gimbal-like stability without the gimbal. Switch over to HERO mode and the Max’s horizon leveling feature keeps your clips looking smooth and cinematic. Bottom line: whether you’re shooting traditional or spherical, the world around you or the world in front of you—with the GoPro Max, you get silky-smooth footage every time. With PowerPano mode, you can capture epic, distortion-free panoramas without having to scan the horizon. Just point, shoot and amaze. You can also capture incredible motion shots and selfies. HERO mode gives you a choice of four different digital lenses to help you score the perfect shot. Choose from Narrow, Linear, Wide and Max SuperView. Each lens offers a different view that will help bring your imagination and creativity to life.
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